Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

More cellular thoughts

I queried the folks at my work for what cell providers they did and did not like. Surprisingly, the #1 favorite was AT&T, and the #2 was Verizon. I'd discounted both of these carriers because they didn't have good plans on shiny advertising stock at the Mall ("so they must not exist at all"). I'm now looking carefully at AT&T Wireless, because I get a cut rate through work. I'm intrigued by promises such as "unlimited anytime minutes" and "unlimited, always-on data connection", although I suspect that the latter is not what I really would want. The plan is also $100/mo, which is a tad more than I want. I'll probably settle for the 500 minute, $40/mo plan. With free long distance, it'll cut my telephone charges significantly.
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