Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Glass last Friday

Photos now posted: the collection and specifically the flower. I'm pretty happy with how the flower turned out, although I'd have liked had both leaves stayed attached. I made each petal and leaf separately then assembled everything onto the stem. The petals and leaves being pretty thin I didn't bother garaging them. I used 4mm punty for all the pieces which worked really well -- it's lighter than 7mm and leaves less of a mark when I knock off the cold seals.

The vortex marble didn't turn out great but it's my first attempt. I started with a cone of clear, maybe 15mm diameter at the base, on a 10mm rod. I drew three lines of disco sparkle and six lines of acid yellow crayon, two between each disco, all longitudinally. Heat, condense, punty up the small end and twist. This part didn't work out so great - I didn't get much of a twist in. Then, cover in *clear* to build a ball shape out of the cone, and finally back with cobalt 4. I don't know that using the clear to build up the ball shape is so important (I could have used cobalt) but it's not going to be seen so would be a waste to use something expensive. In the end view inside the marble is pretty neat - the disco is sparkly - but there's no vortex because I didn't get much of a twist in place. Also, and more importantly, I drew the vortex lines up to far toward the base of the cone and so the window into the marble is pretty small. Had I had the tools and knowledge, I'd probably rework this piece by sawing off the window and another 3/16" of the marble, making a flat window, and polishing this edge off. Could be a neat effect.
Tags: fire arts
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