Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Today Melinda's mom's car saw three people drive it: Edwin, Melinda's mom, and me! We went to Dinosaur State Park, about 90 minutes from Stamford, to revisit a place that Melinda frequented as a kid. It's pretty neat: a large field of exceptionally well-preserved tracks of dinosaurs. We were even treated by a real-life scientist doing scientific work on them in the exhibit (really, it looked like he was just measuring them, but that's probably very scientific measuring). We also took a walk on a quarter-mile nature trail on the grounds, through a swamp, and Melinda was bitten by mosquitoes four times in that short distance. Itchy!

Edwin had driven to the park but Melinda's mom took over here. We found a nearby CVS (thanks to my G1), bought benadryl, and proceeded to a nearby Friendly's restaurant (again, found thanks to the G1). We had originally planned to head up to Hartford, either to see sites or go antiquing, but diverted to Antiques on Main in Wethersfield, CT given the late hour and that it was only a few minutes drive from Friendly's. We saw many antiques, including some Fenton and some salts, but I passed on buying either (glass had nicks and scuffs).

Heading home no one else wanted to drive so I volunteered, so I piloted the Matrix to a smooth and steady course back to almost home (to Costco, in fact). I prefer my TL to the matrix, but apparently the matrix is perfectly comfortable for everyone else to nap in.

Tomorrow: cooking breakfast in the morning, hanging pictures during the day, and beginning to pack for departure Saturday.
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