Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Melinda and I began to pack up our things last night as we are heading home today. Most of our bags were packed and we were about to head to bed when I saw something crawl along the wall. "Probably a spider," I thought, as I turned to look. No such luck: it was a large cockroach, just ambling along the wall and then under the air conditioner. I ran for a glass to capture it but not quickly enough. We continued to pack and it reappeared a few minutes later. This time I did capture it while it ambled along the floor (and we had the lights on; so much for cockroaches avoiding light. Maybe it was going for my puzzle magazine and the Kakuro?). I put on my clothes, slid a card under the glass so I could pick it up (had to free its little antenna from the glass), and brought it down to visit the front desk. The desk attendant agreed that it should not have been in my room and moved us to a different room. I asked if they'd do anything about the bill, too (I mean, a suite upgrade is nice but I'd rather have had $10 off and stuck with an ordinary room); no such luck. So we moved rooms, resettled, and went to sleep. I don't know what the front desk attendant did with the cockroach after I handed it over although I heard him calling for facilities or something as I left.

In general the Nassau Inn was a pretty crazy and not great hotel. Internet access, advertised in the information folder, costs $11/day. The faucets in the room turned backwards (clockwise was on). The toilet needed two flushes to clear the bowl. And did I mention that we found a cockroach? The only redeeming quality is that it's across the street from Princeton, which was where Melinda and I were spending our time (friends' wedding and reception).
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