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Creaks and groans

If I didn't know better (not that I really do) I'd say my apartment was haunted/possessed. Evidence:

  • The refrigerator makes knocking, creaking, and groaning sounds intermittently. It's not an old 'fridge, so it's not just wearing out. It also makes dribbly noises. This all can be explained by "defrost cycle", though. I will say, the first few days I was here, I was sure someone was knocking at the front door, only to find no one there (it was the 'fridge, "throwing it's voice").

  • The door on the bathroom mysteriously closes itself occasionally. It'll stay open in any position, but it's tried to close on several occasions when I'm standing at the sink. Probably just a small gust of wind, or some such. Or, perhaps something else...

  • The previous tenant evidently left in a hurry: he left several items behind, including a picture of some Indian (India-Indian) women. I put the picture in my closet, picture side out. When I checked about two weeks later, the picture side was in. My parents had visited in the interim, so it's possible that one of them turned the picture around, I suppose.

So, the unit's probably not really haunted, but there's a growing pile of circumstantial evidence. And, having not spoken with anyone f2f all day, it's enough to make me want to have the TV on just to have some noise this evening...
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