Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Now: watching King of the Hill in San Francisco.

Earlier today: ate a bowl of very tasty boar soup.

Yesterday: Played in DASH, played Dominion for an hour or so, and worked at Doug's Garage for a few hours at night. Made a glass flower but two petals fell off while flaming it.

Saturday: Melinda was at a workshop so I wandered around the East Bay. Berkeley flea market was a bust (just a few vendors and none were selling anything interesting). Found an antique store across the street that was selling both a loom and a type sort table, complete with sorts. Then discovered Playland-not-by-the-Beach and played pinball for the rest of the afternoon. Was also very impressed by the detailed dioramas of the circus, Santa's Village, and Charles Dickens's world; the Dickens dioramas were the best. It was also the first use of el wire I've seen that wasn't at Burning Man.
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