Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

The Fail of Despereaux

Melinda and I both wanted to see The Tale of Despereaux when it came out last Christmas but, we both being at our respective homes and not together for the holidays, we missed the opening. And, being busy otherwise, we missed all theater opportunities in January to catch it. Not until last night did we finally see the movie. It wasn't worth waiting for.

In Melinda's words, "I didn't know that a movie staring a mouse could be bad." Knowing nothing but the movie poster artwork for the movie we expected: rodents; adventure; swashbuckling; something fun and cute. Instead, we got an unengaging plot, a collection of unrealistic characters, a string of almost but not really exciting events, a mouse with amusingly large ears, and an ordinary and unattractive rat. In every way that Ratatouille was cute, heartwarming, compelling, and just the right mix of believable and unlikely, The Tale of Despeareaux wasn't. At several points we questioned whether we should finish the movie, but having rented only one thing last night we didn't have a plan B.

I'm glad to have seen the movie if only to know what it was about and why I wouldn't need to see it again. I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters.
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