Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Pictures are still on the camera; I'll post again in a few days when I upload them. We spent time on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend in Doug's garage. Melinda made pendants, earrings, and a marble while I made a marble, a Christmas tree decoration, and a small vessel. The decoration was inspired from something I saw at the Fields museum in Chicago, labelled as having come from Murano and costing $188. It looked like a Christmas tree, vaguely, and while mine isn't a very close replica I think I figured out the approach pretty closely. And, at least to me, it looks like a tree. You can judge for yourself when I next upload pictures.

We're out of oxygen again.

Oh, and: there's a chance I'll be getting a Cheetah soon. I'll know more tomorrow.
Tags: fire arts
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