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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, January 30th, 2005

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a little less than last year
i use my pg&e bill to play a game: can i use less energy this month than i did a year ago? the first year i lived in this apartment it was easy: the previous tenants (whose year-ago data PG&E shared, but nevermind that) cooked, watched tv, ran lights, etc -- everything you would expect someone who actually _lived_ in their apartment to do. eating out and at work, working long hours, and living alone reduces my needs.

the last 18 months or so have been harder. i ran my computer 24 hours a day for a while, but gave up on that, so that's a 240W appliance that i could turn off. then, i ran the fan less, left lights on less, and baked fewer cookies (not intentionally, and something i want to reverse, in fact). That's good for another year. these last few months, i've just squeaked by below what i had a year ago, mainly because i've taken trips out of town and turned everything but the icebox off.

looking at my jan '05 statement, i'm still in good shape. but, i fear that, going forward, i may have trouble limboing lower than before. ... in WA, at least, if you _generate_ power, your meter runs backward (you could, conceivably, get a credit from the utility). i wonder if the same is true around here.

Current Mood: chipper
throwing in the spam towel
I've admitted defeat in combatting e-mail spam at home: I'm now forwarding my e-mail from my home account to gmail. Partly it's because I have a poor spam handling system at home (procmail rules; I never found the enthusiasm to install spamassassin), and partly it's because I check my home e-mail only once a day, and would easily fall behind the message queue. Forwarding it to gmail, I'll actually see all my mail (or it'll be filtered as spam).


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