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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

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Line of sight
It occured to me today that, from the roof of my office, I could probably see an aerial attached to the roof of my apartment. A couple of Pringles cans and some careful aiming and I wouldn't need my VPN token any more. Heh.

I was in Seattle last week for a weekend-long puzzle-solving game. It was only the second one this summer, and I helped put on the first. Now, in the last two days, 5 new events have been scheduled for the rest of the year. Shorter than full-weekend events, sure, but cool that there's a bunch coming up. I think my next free weekend will be in mid to late October.
Gotta turn the switch
Apartment is 80F inside. Relocated large fan from bedroom to living room to bring in outside air. Made phone call. Watched South Park. Read Live Journal. Then realized that fan was still off. Ugh.

Speaking of reading LJ...

Two of my Friends remarked about the closing of Kepler's, a book store in Menlo Park. It was sorta weird to see two posts about the same thing, with much the same content and sentiment, and even using the exact same mood icons, on my Friends page. Unfortunate to hear about the store, too. I'd be pretty bummed if the used book store in Mountain View closed, but it's much less of an Institution than I gather Kepler's was.

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