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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

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Today for work I went to the movies. At least, that about sums up the experience. We run usability studies and have two adjacent rooms set up, one for the study and the other for "observation." The observation room is set up just like a theater: it's dark during the "show", there's a projector that casts the "show" against the opposite wall. We have a sound system through which we can hear what the star and co-star are saying at all times. Talking during the performance is okay (it's a movie theatre, not a stage play), but being too loud or talking over important bits isn't. We bring in drinks and snacks, we analyze the show after it's over, and there's always the anticipation of the next start time.

So, spending the day at the movies. Not too bad. A nice way to finish off the work-year (am on vacation for the last half of December).

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