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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

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A picture of me sitting at my desk appears in next week's issue of TIME magazine. It's just one of many photos in the spread, but I'm pretty happy (about the photo being in the magazine; not "I appear really happy in the photo"). I'm also not identified by name.
My fridge
On Sunday I pulled out one of the racks in my refrigerator. I have only a couple of jars of mustard in there, anyway, so the lost space for 4" tall items won't be missed. And, in its place, I can now have two full shelves (bottom and the shelf) of drinks. I'm big on root beer, but I also picked up lemonade, Leninade [sic], blue, green, beige, and other exciting beverages. Now my refrigerator is properly stocked.
iTunes music store search is surprisingly bad. I frequently want to find a song and I know the exact title. Yet the matches shown below bury the title exact-match at positions 6 and 13 or something like that. ... Oh, okay, I see -- I had the result sorted my artist. I didn't realize there was a separate "relevance" column. Okay, that's sorta dumb.

But still, I also really want lyric search. My current M.O. is: search at Google for the lyrics, nose around 'til I find the song, then search by the title. I'm surprised that iTunes doesn't aim for this niche directly.

Current Mood: writy

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