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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Saturday, March 25th, 2006

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Longest receipt
Beverages & More devotes most of their store to alcoholic beverages, but about 20% of the aisles have non-alcoholic drinks. I'm a big fan of root beer and of sodas sweetened with cane sugar in general, so I always like to buy a sampling of what BevMo's got. Unlike most stores (say, Trader Joe's or Cost Plus World Market), BevMo has lots of variety in drinks in this genre.

As a treat to myself for some failed commerce earlier today (perhaps more on that another time), I dropped past BevMo to buy a few things to replenish my fridge, which has dropped to only a few bottles of random things. Well, one thing led to another, and soon I was carting 61 bottles of soda to the front. Some poor shopper showed up just after me in line; mercifully, the BevMo people opened a second register.

The funny thing is (well, funny to me, anyway), it's not like I spent a huge amount of money on drinks. There's plenty of bottles of wine at BevMo that would run the same as my drinks (about $80). Yet I clearly made an impression on the clerks at the store; one of them commented that mine was the longest receipt he'd ever seen. I guess it's sorta like going to the grocery store and buying 61 boxes of corn muffin mix. (Or cornstarch; yes, wealhtheow, I'm thinking of you.) But, even at that, I don't think the clerks at Safeway would be all to surprised when someone buys 61 boxes of corn muffin mix. For some reason, going to BevMo and buying 5 dozen bottles of soda is extravagant.

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