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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

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In the last year, and including just now, I've received auto-dialer telemarketing calls. The entire message is a recording, there's no human on the other side. Folk wisdom is that's illegal - true? I don't know.

More bothering, though, is that I can't hang up on these people. Yes, I can put the phone on the cradle and "hang up," but if I pick up the phone again to make a call they're still there, until they choose to hang up (ususally in about 30 seconds). How does that work? Do these services have an in with the phone company that lets them tie up my line? Is there some trick that I can use to clear it? I've tried hanging up for 10 seconds, and I've tried rapidly going on hook and off hook, no dice. Vice versa, is there a trick I can use to do this to someone else? I'm hoping not.

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