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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Friday, April 7th, 2006

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Corin , meet Gym
This evening I reacquainted myself with the gym, going for a workout in what has to be ... quite possibly a couple of years. Why this evening? I've been wanting to start working out again for a few weeks now, and I had to wait for a compile job anyway, so it was the perfect chance to get away from my desk.

The gym at work reopened its doors just two weeks ago, and is now huge and shiny pretty. It has a couple of dozen treadmills and eliptical trainers, each with its own TV screen for letting your idle your brain while you work out your body. I think I'd just missed Futurama on Adult Swim, plus I prefer to run outside (and in the daytime), so I headed to the "strength area".

Every free weight has a decal with our company logo on it. Cute, but it does get sorta old after a while. I mean, do they think someone's going to steal the 110lb arm weight? Goodness knows it's not going to be me, I can hardly lift that much. ;) But, of course, in addition to the free weights we have a dozen or so other mechanical torture devices. For instance, my legs have been both abducted and adducted this evening, and my biceps, triceps, and some-other-ceps have wasted energy lifting weights and putting them back down. Being a man, I of course had to try lifting more weight than I ought to have. There wasn't even anyone around to try to impress -- it's just a subconscious action. No biggie, I didn't hurt myself, just proved to myself how much I've let my muscles atrophy. But no more!

My favorite machine is the rowing machine. It's sort of like a chest press, but you sit facing the machine, and the movement really is like rowing a boat. It's not like the freewheel rowing machines, either, the ones with the sliding seat. On this one the seat is stationary and the armatures you row have a couple of articulation points for the right motion. Pretty nice. I can close my eyes and for a few moments really believe I'm rowing a boat. And it's hard work!

At around midnight there were only about 5 or 6 people in the gym. It's very quiet, despite having about 100 different TV displays. Soon enough my muscles were aching so I headed out. I think I'll start going here more often, though. It was sorta fun.

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