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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, April 16th, 2006

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More cookies
A batch of the ultimate cookies sits on a rack in my kitchen cooling as I write this. When I last made these cookies I had trouble forming cohesive balls of dough to form cookies, and I thought the problem was that I'd added too much "dry" (ie, flour and such) to the mixture. Today I had more "wet" than before, notably, I had a couple more ounces of apple sauce, and I added the dry only gradually so I didn't overdue it.

Turns out, it didn't solve the problem. I ended up with a great dough, but it was still tricky to form balls for the cookie sheet. I think I figured it out this time, though: it's the chips I'm using. As I'm grabbing dough to form balls, the _dough_ is cohesive but the chips easily shed their dough and just drop out of the cookie I'm trying to put together. So I'm left with dough-covered fingers and no cookie. Spraying my fingers with cooking oil helped this problem -- no dough-covered fingers -- but the chips still don't stick in the cookie. I don't rightly know how to fix this. Chocolate chips don't seem to have this problem, it's just these peanut butter chips I'm using. I need to find some food substance that helps the dough adhere to the chips, at least long enough to drop the cookies on the sheet.

Another solution, which I'll try the next time, is to use an icecream scoop to form and drop balls. I'm not sure this'll work great, because the dough won't be packed tightly and may break up while cooking. But it'll be worth a try.

I'm also welcome to suggestions.

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