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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

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Saturday roundup
I very reliably will wake up 8 hours after I fall asleep. For the past couple of days I've slept less because work duties call. So last night my 8 hour alarm apparently cancelled itself; I slept for nearly 10 hours before waking up around 11:30a.

I dropped by the optometrist this morning, time for some new glasses. On the way in I was reminded dramatically that Mountain View was having a parade this morning, down the street in from of the glasses shop. A bit of fun to find parking but watching the parade made up for it. I caught the tail end when it was mostly little leaguers walking down the street in their outfits. Castro isn't that wide, and by the time the parade route crosses California the road is divided, so the route is just one lane wide. It makes for a very small town parade feeling, the watches and the participants separated by only about 12 inches. It was also sorta funny to see people walking with the parade, just off the edge, carrying video cameras to catch the moments of their little kids taking part. Aww.

I spent an hour and a half in the optometrist being indecisive about glasses to buy. I really want "drill mount" frames: they're just the lenses with the bridge and arms held in place by screws (ie, no frame around the lenses). I think this design is *really* nice. Unfortunately, my perscription is too strong, and even in the super-duper thin plastic ("171") they wouldn't turn out well. *sigh* I opted to get a pair much like I have now, except with thinner frame material, plus another that's more different. I'll find out in two weeks just how much I'll like them. 8)

Worked this afternoon. I spent a couple of hours pulling out code dependencies that we don't need. It's very satisfying to do it, actually, because it'll make further development faster. It's just like finally getting the oil changed in your car: it really will run more smoothly afterward, so it's worth the incremental hassle to schedule time for it.

Take-out dinner from Krungthai. I haven't done take-out much before, but I can see that it becoming my new favorite way to forage. A quick phone call ahead, drive there, pick it up, head back home, enjoy. The convenience of In-n-Out but the variety of any restaurants I frequent nearby.

Evening, watched Chronicles of Narnia at spongiform's place. The movie was long and sort of dragged out at the end, but it was a fun watch. Lucy's a really cute 7-year-old (or whatever), and the White Witch is clearly 100% evil.

This afternoon I've been sore in my left forearm and shoulders. It's sorta like what I get when I'm ill, but I'm not feeling ill. Hopefully a good night's sleep in a comfortable position will fix. If not, maybe it's time to cash in one of those massage coupons at work.

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