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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Monday, April 24th, 2006

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Maker Faire
I spent a couple hours at Maker Faire Sunday with fourpaws, katharos, jessed, and a couple of non-LJ friends. 8) It was ... pretty darn cool. I'll post pictures and movies shortly (and I'm sure they'll show up on portalofevil.com, too, but that's a story for another time). Highlights: a Simon Says game using trampolenes, the Crucible's Fire truck that shoots propane flames dozens of feet into the air, hanging out with people whom I don't see often enough, and intermingling with people who aren't all software geeks! I brought home a bag full of business cards and catalogs from companies that sell things to "Makers." I feel inspired, nay, charged to make something. I don't know just what yet, but I'm sure it'll have motors or hydrolics, and electronics, and other cool bits. Something that's not just software.

I'd be pretty pysched to take a class at The Crucible. Neon glass art, kinetics, welding, and blacksmithing all sound pretty cool. I need to find when their summer catalog will come out for classes.

Funny story at the Faire: I was marvelling at some very pretty math-art by Bathsheba Grossman when I said to fourpaws, "I'll bet Wei-Hwa would like that." Intentionally I said this loud enough for the artist to hear, because, as I somewhat expected, she said "Did you say Wei-Hwa?" Yep, naturally, I can bring a surprise to anyone; they've already met through the puzzle parties and such. It was funny to make the connection, though.

Okay, more Faire posting in a day or so, along with photos and movies. Now, though, more sleeping.

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