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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

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There are only a few things in my life I say "Why didn't I do that so much sooner?!" Buying a new cell phone to replace my first 2-lb brick. Buying a car. Today, I experienced another.

I bought a Dell 24" wide-screen LCD for my computer, and a new graphics card with DVI output. It is, a thing of beauty.

I used to have a 21" CRT. It weighs half as much as I do, it takes up a third of my desk, and it's, well, just not sexy. I mean, it's *nice* and I don't regret paying $800 for it 6 years ago. But I'd been having the 7-year itch a bit early...

The new display is truly gorgeous. The black text on white background is crisp to a degree you'll never see on a CRT (DVI output is digital, not like a normal VGA signal, so it's possible to turn on and off pixels in the LCD precisely). The 24" wide-screen size covers my whole attentive vision width at about 30" where I'm sitting -- so it has lots of screen space but not more than I can grok. And, in fact, although I could useful focus on my CRT at up to 1280x1024, I can easily read 1920x1200 on the LCD (again, because it's crisp, and because the screen's bigger).

This display is pretty sweet. I think I'll browse the web this afternoon *just* so I can stare at it for the next few hours...

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