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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Saturday, July 8th, 2006

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My hair is short
and I feel great!

Two months ago I had my hair trimmed from down to my waist (and here) to down to my shoulder blades. Yesterday morning, after weeks of building up my serve, I had my hair trimmed all the way back to short:

My friends didn't recognise me. All day Friday I was greeted with "hi, Oh my God!" and incredulation. Folks who managed to collect themselves usually said "I like it." And *I* like it, so I'm happy.
The house across the street
Across Middlefield from my apartment this house is for sale; I dropped in to its open house this afternoon. It's not amazing for its price but I'm impressed with how it's been organized. It's billed as a 3br/2ba structure but it's been staged as a 1br/2ba, with an additional dining room, study, and entertainment ("bonus") rooms. The house is roughly an angle shape with a patio and nice backyard in the crook of the angle. Several rooms have windows and doors onto the patio. The house is ideal for entertaining because of these extra rooms and how they interconnect. And that's what I'm drawn to -- this house has a really great design, _as a house_, much more suited to my tastes than anything else I've seen recently. Cool.

Not that I'm looking for a house, I just like going to open houses in my neighborhood. Sometimes you see something really neat, like I did today.

Update: I took some pictures.

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