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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

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This afternoon I was moved from the waitlist to the RSVP list for STIRR 1.4. STIRR brings together folks from local startups, VCs, and people who generally care about that technology, to here a few very brief presentations and to mix. I hadn't been to a STIRR before but it was pretty neat. It's like a party but it's okay to talk about your start-up. Also, unlike a party, I found it _very_ easy to meet people -- spot someone by themselves, walk up and say hi.

I learned about:

Gliffy, a tool for making diagrams on the web (Visio for the Web).
SwapThing, a swap meet that does matchmaking for swappers
tracking shot, takes a bunch of photos and sound track and generates a movie that matches the music.
Liftopia, selling lift tickets online the way Expedia sells hotel rooms online.

and I met several other interesting people. The best part was that none of these people worked at Google. I have nothing against Googlers, I just want to see who else exists in the world down here.

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