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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

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EL drivers
There is a surprisingly large number of companies that make driver ICs for electroluminescent lamps. Happily, many of them are within a few miles of my apartment, which makes calling them in the day much easier. But still, I'm surprise there isn't just one or two companies.

Two such companies (linked more for my reference for buying parts than anything):
Zywyn corporation

Micrel 4826


Okay, just ordered the Micrel parts from Digi-Key. Those'll be fun to play with.
Datasheet warez
I've noticed a strange phenomenon when looking for electronic component datasheets: many datasheets are available for download through sites in Romania, Russia, or other very-not-U.S. sites. Why do these sites store datasheets? I guess there's some money to be made by showing ads on a site that links to a useful datasheet. But, surely there are more profitable niches?

Here's the surprise for the evening, though. Do a Google search for [hm2007], a speech recognition chip I used in a project during my undergrad days. My web site is result 4 or so (the talking toaster). Click the link to datasheetcatalog.com or, if it's there, the ad for AllDatasheet.com. You'll see a link to the datasheet for this chip. Great! Only - click through to see the actual pdf. It's from .ro or something, and its my datasheet. During my project I annotated the paper copy I had and I've since scanned it to make it available from my web site. Evidently, it's now been snarfed by who knows how many people and is the content used by these shell companies making pennies on ad clicks wrapping my content. Wuh. I feel ... slightly used.

On the other hand, I suppose I don't need to worry so much that my document will ever disappear from the web entirely. Hundreds of copies on web servers all over the globe now exist.

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