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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

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Iron Puzzler
The second Iron Puzzler battle is OH-VA! The Burninators did well at solving puzzles, so near as we could tell, but placed fourth based on total points that included other teams' voting for their favorite puzzles. Ours, sadly, were not among the most favorite. Oh well. I solved the Bottle Graphics puzzle entirely on my own, which was a very fun puzzle and just the right difficulty for my tastes -- tractable but still satisfying.

Puzzle prep was yesterday and we'd chosen a puzzle design that required making sugar cookies in seven different flavors. Making the cookies took much longer than we expected, mostly because we wanted to put the flavoring in the dough itself, but that adds about 30 minutes lead time to making the cookies (because you have to flavor, chill for 30 minutes, then make cookies). We needed only seven distinct flavors, we didn't care which, but we did need them to be distinct and identifiable (given a list of possible flavors from elsewhere in the puzzle). So we also needed to experiment with the flavors, which added more time. Oh, and we frosted the cookies, too. Here's a photo of some of the leftover cookies.

It's always great to do a puzzle hunt and this Iron Puzzler saw far better entries than the previous one. Our puzzle factory didn't close down until 4a Sunday morning, with the main event starting at 10a Sunday in Oakland, an hour's drive away. Next time, we need to find a way to make puzzles with less assembly required. At least by us. 8)

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