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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

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TO-DID by September
In May I wrote a list of things I wanted to do by the end of summer. Here's the list, and what I did and didn't do:

1. Go overnight hiking. Nope.
2. Build something with EL wire. Many ideas considered, and I did breadboard a power supply, but no completed projects.
3. Organize a group trip to Vegas. Organized a trip to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend instead.
4. Go to the gym twice a week for at least one month. Nope.
5. Run every other day for at least one month. Nope. I've run a couple of times but nothing regularly.
6. Drive out to see the Altamont pass wind farm. Nope.
7. Bike 300 miles (not at once!). Nope.
8. Reconnect with my Bay Area friends from whom I've drifted. Done.
9. Have a "favorite restaurant" for every city between San Jose and San Francisco. Not for every city, but I have a growing list of favorites, especially for more interesting cuisines (eg, Afghan and Ethiopian).
10. Visit SF MoMA. Visited the Asian Art Museum (though in November, not by end of September.)
11. Host monthly cookie baking parties. I hosted one such party, and another impromptu cookie creation fest for Iron Puzzler II. That was in November, though, and really wasn't a party more of a drawn-out gathering that stresed everyone out as we decorated artificially flavored cookies.

Despite all the Nopes I'm pretty happy with that list. Not everything was equally important, and the bigger things, like organizing the trip to Tahoe or getting out to places in San Francisco, make me much happier.

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