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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

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Curse their sneaky logic
At 9a this morning Alaska Airlines called me not once, not twice, but three times to inform me that my flight 393 was delayed this afternoon. How nice! I adjusted my plans and took advantage of the extra two hours.

About 10 minutes before leading for the airport I checked online and 393 had changed from delayed to cancelled. Ugh! I called Alaska (no kind preemptory call from them this time) and they booked me to a later flight. Gone was my first class upgrade seat, gone was even a nice seat in coach, and gone was my feeling good for lots of preplanning. In fact, checking online the ticket they switched me to is _less_ than the fare I'd purchased earlier. Hey!

I called them back to check this out. I'd purchased a fully refundable fare, which is a premium to the usual restricted fares online. I'd paid the premium because I expected it would come with a free first class upgrade. Which it did, until around 3p when my original flight was cancelled. Could I be refunded the change in price? No, but because it's refundable, I could entirely cancel my original ticket then purchas the cheaper fare now. But, ugh, that's a lot of work just to save a few bucks, plus, there's the chance that the flight will be booked up by the time the tricks are played out. No, I'll pass. Curse them for their sneaky logic that cut out the legs of my deserving of compensation.

Grr. Oh, well. At least I'm still flying today.

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