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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

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New neighbors
There are raccoons that live in the attic of my apartment. Or rats, if I'm unlucky (and Melinda is lucky). I know this fact because this evening I heard scratching noises from overhead while the furnace ran. Thinking this odd I tapped on the ceiling of my apartment and heard an immediate scratching and scattering of tippity-taps from about where I poked. Great.

A long while ago I expected there were large rodents walking around the _roof_ of my apartment, as I've heard these noises before. This is the first time I've really heard something clearly coming from just the other side of the wall board on the ceiling.

So now, here's the pertinent question: do I need to do anything about it? I don't _think_ there's any way for anything to get into my apartment from the attic. The furnace vents all have metal gratings covering them and there's no points of access within the unit. There's an access door on the porch between my door and my neighbor's door but that's never been opened while I've lived here, so near as I can tell. So, I *think* I'm okay with letting the rodents be, at least for now. I will need to pass on this bit of trivia to the land lord, although with the passing of the apartment manager a few months back I'm not sure who's taking responsibility these days.

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