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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, February 7th, 2008

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(I'll make longer posts about some of these topics later.)

Yesterday I flew to Seattle to surprise my Mom on the occasion of her birthday. I also got to visit and play Tetrisphere with my Dad, visit with my brother and his family, and ride a Metro bus.

Earlier this week I camped at and went hiking through Pinnacles National Park. Google's annual Ski Trip turned into a West Coast Trip, which itself was two trips: a day at Dinseyland or three days, two nights, at Pinnacles. Less than 400 people chose the latter, and it seems that probably only half of them actually attended. Hiking was great but camping was cold! My +35F mummy sack isn't enough for the 22F night we had. I had an extra blanket, which made the difference, but was only too glad to head out Tuesday evening and not spend a second night.

I bought new tires for my car. Tires are more expensive than I'd have guessed. At least, the tires for my car were. I bought the same tires that Acura installed originally: Michelin Pilot MXM4s. Even at Costco these ran up to nearly $300 each. They're making a world of difference in driving, though, so I'm happy.

I've learned a lot about Tenancies in Common (TICs) in San Francisco. I spent nearly two hours walking through several units at an open house last weekend, mulling over whether buying a 1 bedroom unit in a 3-unit TIC was a wise investment. TICs with fractional financing don't seem any different from condos, although I haven't dived deep enough yet to grok the differences between them when it comes to possibly renting out the place. I've also received lots of advice that being a landlord in San Francisco isn't at all fun. Anecdotes I've read online would support that advice.

This upcoming weekend I and the Burninators are playing in Iron Puzzler. We'll hear Saturday morning what the "theme ingredients" will be, and we'll have about 24 hours to put together two puzzles that highlight them. Sunday we'll solve other teams' puzzles during day two of the event, at the Endgame in Oakland.

With the camping trip earlier this week, this work week is only two days long. I rather like two-day long work weeks.

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