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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Friday, April 18th, 2008

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Video projector
I'm planning to buy a Panasonic PT-AE2000U video projector. I'll use it in my living room (lots of ambient light, but I can control it somewhat) and use it for TV, movie, and computer display watching. My choice criteria were: 1080p projector, quiet, bright enough for the room, crisp image, less expensive is better, more horizontal lens shift is better.

Does anyone have a projector they love? Or know something about the Panasonic that I should know?
I meant to go running this morning but chose to sleep in instead. I ducked out of the office this afternoon to put in a run, which was better in the end, because I ran around Shoreline rather than city streets. Today's route was my Short around Shoreline, going clockwise, but rather than going back along Amphitheatre I headed over the hills in the park, up the short, steep way then back the long, windy way. Net distance is about a half mile more, for a total run of probably around 3 miles. Time was 24:15 and included a bit of walking time up the steep part. There was a stiff breeze off the bay the entire time, which gave a nice tailwind for the very end, at the cost of a headwind near the start. I made a 1:41 quarter-mile split along Shoreline, helped by the tailwind. It's been a while since I ran at a 6:45/mile pace, I was glad I still remember how to move my legs that fast. 8) It was hot in the bare sun when running with the tailwind (net effect was running but being in still air).

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