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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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My 10 year high school reunion was a couple of years ago. Some people were different than I'd remembered: fatter, thinner, shorter. Some were the same: the jokesters, the cliques. One person whom I ran in to there was a good friend of mine, Robert T Schlipp. I knew Robert for several years in high school, spent lots of time with him in Forensics, was his partner for cross-ex debate, etc. He'd always said that he'd wanted to be a children's youth pastor and, by the time I'd caught up with him at the 10 year reunion, he'd done just that! Bravo, Schlipp!

This evening I'm reminded of all this because while clearing off my desk I found a scrap of a napkin on which I'd written the valuable information I'd learned at the reunion. "BibleMan" and "Robert T. S." were on one corner. (Most of the napkin was devoted to an idea for an origami puzzle.) Who was Bibleman? Dunno. I tried a search: [bibleman]. Hm, interesting: Bibleman action figures. I wonder what that's all about. Why did I write this down on the napkin? So I tried a different search: [bibleman schlipp]. Wuh. Schlipp's name is on the Wikipedia article about this guy? Yeah, I guess so: In 2003, Robert took over this role from the original Bibleman. And so, yeah, my friend's now fighting evil-doers for 3 - 10 year olds. And he has action figures. Awesome.

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