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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

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The good:
* Sunnyvale Acura changed the oil and placement of tires on my car.
* Sunnyvale Acura buffed out the paint from the support post next to my parking space that somehow attached itself to a rear panel on my car some number of weeks ago.
* I found where I could, and I did, buy Nestle Chocolatier morsels (Lucky near 85 and El Camino Real). I bought 8 10oz bags (leaving 2 for other customers).
* I reduced the dirty clothes pile in my room to only a few items.

The less than good:
* I've been unable to find a computer data source that'll drive my data projector to 1920x1080. It's a disappointment to own a 1080p projector but only be able to drive as I would a lower-end projector.
* I upgraded the graphics driver for my work laptop, managed to produce a 1920x1080 signal but with broken color rendition. Worse, that brokenness now affects all external display output.
* The broken graphics driver broke the Fn-F7 shortcut on my laptop. Now it just makes the laptop chime in a pathetic little way.
* The HDMI + DVI adapter combo for my desktop computer lets me project 1776x1000 but no higher. The image is fuzzy (because it's not quite the native resolution). This is another disappointment.

Today is a new day. Today, I host the first movie night at Corey Cinemas. Let's see if everything holds together for a feature-length film. And maybe there'll be chocolate.

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