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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

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Waiting for my free coffee
I had to take a walk for work today so I headed toward and stopped in at the Starbucks on Shoreline at Pear. The place was well attended but not especially busy so I ordered something (Java Chip Frappucino). No one ahead of me to pay, it should be quick. Well, not so quick. While waiting I watched the barrista hustle around making coffee, blending beverages, making what looked like my drink, only to be dumped in the sink and started from scratch. One lady wanted a second shot of espresso in her latte but, rather than give a second shot, the barrista just made a whole new latte (with two shots) and dumped the first one.

So, why bore you whining about waiting in line? Because part way through one of the workers (manager perhaps) came out and handed out "free coffee" cards to the several of us in line waiting for our already-purchased drinks. Good for one free cup of whatever I want. Nice! It's just like in the simulation games, where you build an amusement park or casino, and you can give out comps to make people happy. And it works! So, rather than wait 10 minutes for my frappucino, I ended up waiting 10 minutes for my free drink, and a "permission slip" of sorts to come back and get more, later. Sweet.

And, about Java Chip Frappucino? Nah, not so great. Worth trying but I'll move on to something else on the menu.
Future of search
My project is now in testing: I work on what TechCrunch wonders may be the future of search.

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