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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Monday, December 15th, 2008

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Weekend of many things
Saturday Melinda was in the lab so I stayed in Mountain View and ran errands (ie, went Christmas shopping for Melinda). I visited many stores and bought only a few things (my usual hit rate). I came up with many gift ideas, only a few of which she's getting for Christmas. The rest will hold me over into Valentine's, birthday, or if I need to make up for an exceptionally bad pun.

I headed to the city by early evening and we had take-out from Lime Tree for a quick dinner. We were out the door by a bit after 7p to the Palace of Fine Arts for a concert by Vienna Teng, a favorite artist of Melinda's. The Palace of Fine Arts is in the same crescent-shaped building as the Exploratorium, and both are in the shell of the building that was built for the San Francisco World's Fair. The venue itself was pretty nice, and you don't know you're in a shell of a building. We were in row R, which is one row in front of the last row in the house. Ah, well. We were also right in front of some people who were exceptionally enthusiastic for the opening band. Sort of annoying, but they mellowed out for the actual concert. And the concert itself was pretty neat, and Melinda said she greatly enjoyed it, so I'm happy.

The foyer of the theater strangely reminded me of the entry way to Life Center for the singing Christmas tree shows: big space, some Christmas decorations around, people in somewhat nice clothes milling about, and a stand selling coffee and tea on one side.

Sunday I had a little holiday party at my apartment. I'd bought a bunch of cheese and crackers, baguettes and jam, pretzels, mustard, and chocolates the day before, to add to the drinks and grape juice I already had at my place. Doug, Wei-Hwa, Jan, Chui-Ki, Francois, and Tessa all made it over, and it was good to see everyone. We spent most of the time working on Zahada riddles, and finished the set around 8p (75 levels in total). Most folks left then and Wei-Hwa, Melinda, and I played a few games (Black Sheep, which I bought for Melinda because the artwork was done by an artist whose work she likes, and Pandemic, which is an eerily real game about curing diseases before they crush humanity).

It was a pretty busy weekend, but it's the last weekend in California for us of the month and year, and it was a good one. Now I just have another week of work, to batten down hatches before being gone for two weeks. I think I'll make it.

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