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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Many hours at Temperchi this weekend
Melinda and I spent 6 hours at Temperchi on Saturday and another 3 hours there on Sunday. I added a half dozen new recruits to my penguin army, although a few of them really ought to be 4F due to missing feet, wings, and a beak. I tried making a solid sculpture: the vision was a cube of glass on a stem with a fluted glass base produced from intermediate tubing. The cube turned out okay, not great, but okay. The base was a bit of a disaster; it looks like what a 5 year old might produce when making a clay bowl. I was trying to evenly open up a tube of glass with a graphite reamer, but I pulled just a little too much on a soft spot and made it irreversibly eccentric. Oh, well. I did make a nice S-curved stem, so I'm hopeful it'll prove to be an interesting piece to look at.

I spent a little time also working on encased helices of color. I encased a thin strip of black in 7mm rod, condensed, twisted but did not pull, and then condensed again. Only after the external ridges were smoothed over did I pull, and then at that, pulled straight, without twisting. The effect was what I wanted: a helix of black glass within a clear rod. Nice. The rod is still pretty short and it isn't exactly straight. More heat and pulling a little more slowly would help, I expect. I also have some rod turning control issues: when I have two puntys on the same piece at the same time I can easily twist one just a little out of sync than the other, and thus produce lumps.

I also tried making a few more icicles, with some little bit of success. They're too thin; I need to read up and watch some tutorials online to work out this technique.

For next time: more penguins (practicing being able to make them consistently), and, learning about striking color (I made a turtle out of a struck color and it looks pretty awesome. I have a tutorial about striking color that I plan to work through).

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