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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, June 14th, 2009

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Brief update on glass
(I'm on a plane using WiFi but we're soon landing so this is brief.)

Melinda and I did glass weekend before last. She made pendants and I made marbles. We used a floral display pin device -- I'll find a photo later -- to make holes in hot glass. These holes are then filled with dots of colored glass but leave a tiny bubble. It looks like a water droplet when done well. Nice. I made some compression marbles, including this one. Make a gather, decorate with dots, flatten into a maria. Then, repeatedly, heat just the edge (were the maria a wheel you'd heat the tread), the gather will flow around the artwork. Flatten out to a maria again and the artwork closes in and compresses into the gather. Repeat a few times. The artwork also billows outward as it hits the hot/less-hot interface between gather and punty, and you get this nice open blossom effect. I used pink and cobalt dots around a rasta gold center, and added a clover green backing. I did another similar marble, too, but it cracked and broke into three pieces while I was removing the thumbprint of the final punty cold seal. TODO: work on making cold seals on marbles that don't leave a lot of cruft behind.

Next time for glass will be weekend after next, when Melinda and I head to The Crucible for another class. This one will be using glass tubes rather than just rods.

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