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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

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Glass shopping
I visited C&R Loo, Inc and American Laboratory Supply this afternoon to pick up some colored and clear glass. For a lampworker they're like being in a candy store. C&R is a big warehouse entirely filled with glass, with boro, soft, sheets, and cane glass, and with tools and equipment. Jamie showed me to the aisle with Northstar and Glass Alchemy colors and let me fill my basket (an array of paper towel rolls). American Laboratory Supply is more functional than warehouse: a half dozen people inside were producing scientific glassware for who knows what, but making a lot of it. They have a few cabinets (with custom made latches - a true tell that the elderly fellow who helped me has been there for a while) with the colored cane, including some pre-made latticino. I bought some of the pre-made stuff; it's neither as nice or as consistent as what Melinda and I are making but I wanted to try it out. ALS has every type of tubing imaginable, too, so I bought some Contourax at 25mm and 30mm (I bought 40mm from C&R) and 25 and 28mm in black, blue, lavender, and green. Should be plenty to play with. C&R is sort of expensive: $55/lb for the cane and $10/lb for the clear tube. ALS charged $40/lb for the cane and $6/lb for most of the tubing, except the black which was $15 for the piece (1500mm length). In comparison, Arrow Springs charges $7/lb if you order more than 10lbs ($8/lb if you don't) for all clear and $27-$34/lb for the cane if you buy more than 1lb (Arrow Springs also charges for shipping but they're really fast).

So I have many pounds of glass in my living room now and need to cut it down to workable lengths. This also reminds me that I need some storage shelves for the glass workroom.
Slept in late today and then dove in to some phone calls (setting up and canceling appointments, checking for open hours for some glass suppliers). Starting in SF I headed to San Anselmo to look at what was for sale at a glass studio that was closing. Turns out the woman at the studio does mostly stained glass so didn't have anything I'd be interested in, tool-wise. The studio sells work from many artists and it had a bunch of really nice boro vessels. I was impressed.

I ventured across the San Rafael bridge to Richmond where I visited C&R Loo and American Laboratory Supply; see earlier post for details. I bought $225 worth of glass between the two places and am pretty happy with the transactions. I stopped in at the Crucible to pick up my and Melinda's work from the class two weekends ago. I recognized my vessels but only vaguely the fluted feet. I chose one that looked somewhat familiar and two more that were likely Melinda's.

I skipped my plan to visit Endgame because it was 2:30, I hadn't had lunch, and I had a 5p appointment in Palo Alto. I headed home, stopping by Piazza's to buy a sandwich (smoked salmon). Out soon again to Tap Plastics to buy storage tubes for the newly purchased glass and then to diPietro Todd to reduce the mangy mop on my head to something more stylish. Dinner again from Piazza's (salad) then home to play some RFTG with Trisha and Wei-Hwa and to playtest a new game Wei-Hwa's developing. I was grumpy at first because I didn't understand all the rules but the second play through (we abandoned the post hoc "practice" game) made much more sense and was more fun. Wei-Hwa also gave me two locks from Tharsis for use at Doug's garage.

Back to the city to wash some dishes and to sleep.

On deck tomorrow: revisit Halted to look at their workbenches; visit Sears to look at their overpriced workbenches; cook pasta or rice or something so I don't need to go out for every meal; photograph the glasswork from the last four sessions; research torches and torch kits.

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