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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

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Another morning of sleeping in. Lazy to do, but by the time I'm back in the south bay it's nearly noon. Gotta get back to waking up earlier.

Toured Costco with an eye toward finding a workbench. No workbenches were to be found. I picked up a 12-pack of canned tuna but didn't see anything else in the entire warehouse I really wanted (the smoked salmon looked tasty but I won't eat it all before it goes bad) so I abandoned my cart and tuna and headed home. I made my first home-cooked meal today! Not much cooking involved: just poured a can of baked beans over rice Melinda had made a few days ago. Still, tasty, and it didn't cost $8 for the meal. Dinner, too, was at home, in the form of a frozen pizza.

After pursuing many dead ends for a workbench (Craigslist, but its search doesn't work well; Home Depot, but they don't know what "workbench legs" are; Sears, but they want $400 for a simple table) I went back to Halted and bought the tables (plural) that I had seen yesterday. I asked for, and received, a price of $50 less than what was tagged (and that was already $50 less than their original price), but opted for Halted delivering them Thursday, at a cost of $50. So, for $240 I'm getting two tables, taxed and delivered, arriving in about 12 hours at Doug's house. One table will be the work table, with torches and a need for heat resistance, and the other will be for non-torch work (perhaps for a kiln, for example). Now I just need to clean up Doug's garage to make room for it.

On my way back from Halted I stopped at Jo-Ann's fabrics to buy what I'd need in order to make a light tent: a structure for photographing glass art (or anything else smallish) that diffuses the light very broadly. I bought two lengths of backdrop cloth, a black satin and a red crushed velvet (the crushed velvet looks great), and two lengths of diffusing cloth (a yard of each of these four). After some thinking about how to build a structure to hold up the cloth and such it struck me to just use a plastic storage bin. $7 at OSH found me a very nice 12" cubic storage box. Open on the front, wrapped on all sides with one of the nylon diffusing cloths, and inside one of the backdrops. I held the backdrop in place with magnets, placed inside a box as a pedestal and it actually looks pretty neat, if I may say so myself. I took several photos of my and Melinda's most recent glass in the box and they seemed to turn out okay. I used two 60W lamps, one on either side, and a fluorescent lamp on the top. It's not perfect -- a photographer's studio would get much better diffuse light -- but good enough for any work I'm going to do.

I caught up on a four-day backlog of posting the blown glass work to flickr and ended the day with making some salad for lunches for Melinda and me tomorrow.

On deck for tomorrow: work at Doug's garage. Cleaning, removing cobwebs and active webs, making room for and receiving the workdesks. Research into torches and order a hose + regulator kit.

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