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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

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Steel tables
I was back in MV from SF by 11a this morning and waiting until mid-afternoon for the UPS truck to deliver my torches and gas hose. I spent the time poking around at some javascript for moving boxes around on the screen, a little project for a gaming evening in a couple of nights. I spent the rest of the afternoon in Doug's garage and at the hardware store, mostly bolting the steel flashing to the tables. I had a hard time drilling into the steel with Doug's drill, and bought a hardened (cobalt!) drill bit for the job. Still didn't help, but it worked fine in my drill. It wasn't until much later in the evening, when showing Doug the same problem, that I realized that the two drills had opposite forward/reverse switches. Black & Decker makes both of them -- B&D, why would you install the switch opposite one to the other?! Anyway, drilling forward with Doug's drill did, in fact, work fine. Both tables now are covered with a thin layer of steel. Tomorrow's job will be to fasten the bolts down. I yet need to find a way to protect the edges, both to prevent objects from rolling off the table and because the edges of the steel are sharp (I tore up my work pants as a result). Then dinner, and some DVD watching. I'm in MV tonight, Melinda in SF, so I'll spend the evening working more on the Javascript.

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