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Friday, July 17th, 2009

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Dinner for Linley's 30th kept me away from my daily sabbatical post yesterday. Not that I had too much to say.

I shopped at Home Depot for a solution to the "the edges of the steel on the table are really sharp" problem. Angle aluminum would be ideal but also expensive: about $80 to surround both tables. I spent an hour or so looking at Home Depot and online for ideas, and only came over to using foil tape on the drive up to SF overnight (update: I bought the tape today, for $8, and it ought to work just fine). Wanting to have at least something to show for the day in the workshop I did pick up a 155 cuft tank of oxygen and a 5 gal tank of propane. Propane tanks are sold (empty) at Costco and filled elsewhere; mine was filled by KMAS down the street for not quite $20. The oxygen tank came from Madco and weights 90 lbs or so (thick steel is needed because the contents are under intense pressure). It just fits between the door wells in my car but is a bear to wrestle in and out. I pulled the muscles in my back a little bit getting it out at Doug's house. I'll know better next time (need to first get it up on the seat before sliding it out -- it's awkwardly balanced in the floor wells directly). I also bought some boring bits for the workshop: a push broom (will raise less dust), a pail for glass debris (that may still be warm), and some shorter rod rest rods (threaded steel rod with nuts).

I spent the balance of the day working on the Only Connect app.

Today: Only Connect app, and getting ready for hosting Only Connect at my apartment this evening.

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