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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

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Sine wave and circuit
Pictures of my sine wave and circuit from the other day. I'll continue working on it tomorrow. (Click the photos to see them on flickr.)

Updated glass photos
Some work from the past week; see my flickr photos tagged 'glass'. Sunday was the most prolific, with Melinda making many pendants and I making a couple of penguins and a turtle. The other days are mostly my work and that's been mostly learning technique (eg, rings or striking the Silver Strike glass) so it's not as pretty.
Today's accomplishments
A short post, heh. I sorted through a backlog of postal mail, some going back to September 2008. When you look at many months of statements rather than one at a time it's easier to see anomalies. I learned, among other things, that I've been using my cell phone way more than I expected and am way over my 300 minutes per month for the last two months. I'll be on a 1000 minute plan starting Saturday but I have not quite $200 of mobile minutes to pay for in the interim. Oh well. I ordered new glasses today, getting identical frames to what I have now (turns out they *do* still make them, despite what the store said a year ago), and will buy a spare magnetic sunglasses clip-on. The new lenses won't be ready before I head on my trip next week but the spare sunglasses might be, which would be nice. I rounded out the day with watching Star Wars I and taking photos of glass.

Tomorrow: rebuild the sine wave generator circuit and push it down to 4kHz. Also, cleaning.

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