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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

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Food from the bar
I was in bed last night by 11:30p and jokingly said "man, so early, it's only 8:30." Melinda agreed and continued to read the internet until after I fell asleep. In the morning she didn't know why she was so tired -- "I went to bed by 11p." I asked if she was going by the time on her computer -- yep. So, staying up until 2a would explain why we didn't wake up this morning until 12:30p.

Today's theme was eating. Melinda, Edwin, and I patronized the local IHOP with some success and then Melinda and I headed toward NYC for dinner with Jon. We were sidetracked briefly by Melinda's mom, who needed to double check all the adjustments she's making to our new clothes purchases and to inspect our formals that need dry cleaning.

My plans for the NYC trip started the day as "Frick; MoMA; sushi", then came "Frick; sushi", and finally were realized as "Starbucks; sushi" having arrived at Grand Central Station finally by 5p. Our reservation at Sushi Yasuda was for 6p so we just idled at a Starbucks for an hour. Melinda wondered aloud how we'd find a Starbucks; "do you have a device?" Of course; G1 found 10 Starbucks within two blocks of where we were. Hurray!

Sushi itself was beyond fantastic; the best sushi we've ever eaten. My favorite was the eel but the oyster and scallop also stood out. We sat at the bar in front of Yasuda himself and had a mix of his specials of the day and any requests (geoduck - both digger and innards). The bill came up to $120 per person (including tax and tip) so it was also the most expensive sushi I've ever eaten. Worth it, though.

To continue the trend of eating at the bar, Melinda, Jon, and I headed to ChikaLicious for dessert. Sitting at the bar again we watched our food be prepared and served. I enjoyed my pluot and basil sorbet but it wasn't really worth $14 IMO. The 30 minute wait to be seated that formed while we were eating would say otherwise, but maybe I'm missing something. Tasty, but not worth returning to.

The only departure from eating-related activities today was when Melinda and I returned to her house, where Melinda's mom was working on the alterations. Melinda insisted I watch her mom hem my jeans, so I could learn how to sew, and the alteration work lasted for the rest of the evening, usually in between talking and Melinda practicing a reading for her friend's wedding Sunday.

Tomorrow's plan is to drive to Hartford area with Melinda's dad and visit Dinosaur state park and possibly other sites.

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