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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

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Last sabbatical update
Tomorrow morning I head back to work, concluding my two-month sabbatical. It's not all dreary heading back, though: tomorrow afternoon I join a few hundred co-workers on a two-night outing to Tahoe. So my return to work will be a gradual one.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather since I returned from the east coast so I've not done much in the past two days. Tuesday I spent a lazy morning MUNI- and Caltrain-ing from SF to MV, getting home in time for lunch. In the afternoon I finally got around to installing Nolo's Living Trust software, which turned out to be simply a collection of forms in RTF. I spent an hour or two replacing "your name" with "Corin Anderson" in the forms but stopped a bit short of having a draft of a living trust. What remains is to find a lawyer who'll review the document I write, and for listing out what possessions I want to include in the trust. It's pretty easy to transfer ordinary possessions (things that don't have title) to a trust: just list them on the trust and it's done. Of course, it's also sort of funny to say that "these lamps aren't mine; they belong to the Corin Anderson Living Trust".

I rounded out the day with dinner with Doug and Dan in the evening, and Melinda came home early, which was a treat.

This morning I seemed to blow my brains out through my nose, at the conclusion of which I did feel much better than I did at the start. A headache of some form dogged me all day nonetheless, but it was kept mostly at bay with non-prescription drugs. In reflection, had I been worked today I'd have taken the day as a sick day. I think I've taken no more than two or three sick days in my several years at work, and I can't think of any specific sick day I've taken off the top of my head.

I had my hair cut in the morning but, not feeling especially productive thereafter, I treated myself to another movie at home: The Dark Knight. Keith Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is very disturbing (and thus spot on). I did pull myself off the couch in order to make cookies (matcha chocolate chip), to take with me to Tahoe this weekend, although I probably shouldn't share them with anyone in order to not spread anything I may have. Mmm... green cookies.

Dinner with Wei-Hwa and Trisha, then games, and Melinda was home early again, to round out the evening. I'm packing now for Tahoe, Melinda will have my car for the rest of the week, and tomorrow I'm back at work at 9a. I look forward to hearing what's gone on in the past two months, and what hasn't.`

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