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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

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Why is it that we eat foods made of "fish" without noting what species are the source of this food? We don't eat "fowl sticks" or "mammal burgers"; why is fish the undifferentiated food source from the sea? Whenever I see "fish" as an ingredient I now think of the scene from The Old Man and the Lisa episode of the Simpsons where a drag net (made of 6-pack plastic rings) pulls every form of sea life out of the water and into an enormous grinder, producing a slurry of food protein. Num. A year or so ago I adopted a self-imposed dietary restriction to not eat food for which I don't know the specific name. I haven't much missed those fishwiches since then.
Password "reminder"
T-mobile can recover my password from whatever data it is they store about it (probably, just the clear text somewhere). Good to know. Good security systems don't store the original password, just a hash of it. That way, even if the hash is stolen, there's no way to reconstruct the password and gain access to the system. It's cute that T-mobile's password "reminder" message is to just send the password itself, not a hint as to what it is.

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