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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Monday, November 16th, 2009

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Hong Kong day 2
It's going on 9p now and I want to head to bed. Melinda and I spent most of the day out, about, and on our feet. The day started with some quality sleeping in, until about 9a. Ready to go by 10a we just missed breakfast at the hotel restaurant. No worries - let's find a restaurant near Central where we're going today.

Our day held this: MTR to Central; shop street peddlers in Central; lunch; Victoria's Peak; MTR to Causeway Bay; visit Google; shop; dinner; light show.

Between Des Voeux and Queen's roads in Central are a dozen or so little alleys, each filled with peddlers hawking textiles, electronics, medicines, and other wares. We spent maybe 45 minutes walking up and down the streets looking at what would be good to buy.

Our plan to just drop in on the first restaurant we found sort of failed. We found restaurants but none of them were especially inviting: closed, full, not Chinese food. We settled on one place that turned out to have dim sum. The service was really slow (probably because we needed either English or Mandarin) and somewhat lacking (strangely, napkins aren't part of the table setting). But it was food and I was hungry.

We took a double decker bus down Des Voeux Road for a ways on the way next to Victoria's Peak. We switched to the tram and ascended the hill. Hurray for taking a tram rather than hiking the steep streets. The view at the top was worth the trip and the air was just clear enough to see a fair bit into Kowloon. At Victoria's Peak we found a Famous Amos retailer and bought 100g of cookies. Mmm...

On the way back down the peak I called Cody to let him know we were on our way; I intended to drop in to Google for a quick visit. We were at the office by 2:30 or so and, indeed, it's a small office. But the decor is very Googly. We take the tour in about 2 minutes then chat with Cody for another 20. He gives us some advice for shopping and dinner and we head out.

We spend some time at the Times Square shopping center and at Sogo. No really great bargains - nothing you wouldn't see in a good sale in the U.S. - but sort of neat to look anyway. Melinda buys a few articles and I find a shirt that's nice. Dinner is at the Modern Chinese restaurant at Times Square. It rates 0 points on my scale: slow, I was left hungry, I wouldn't return and I wouldn't recommend the restaurant. We order sea cucumber and a pork thing. The sea cucumber is okay, it's mostly gelatinous. The pork thing is good. I just wish we had more food.

We head back to the hotel, drop off our shopping loot, and head out one more time to see the light show on Hong Kong Harbor. Many buildings have decorative lighting at night and they animate it at 8p each evening with background of music. It's worth watching the spectacle and more than worth absorbing the scene for 15 minutes, but if you miss the show don't feel bad.

I'm pretty tired now; I can barely keep my eyes open. Tomorrow's plan is to visit Lantau island.

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