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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Sunday, April 15th, 2012

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Quince house update, week two
Most of the drainage work outside is done. All the rain gutter downspouts lead into a network of 4" pipe that channel the water to a basin just behind the house. The pipes are now buried; the yard has no more deep trenches. The basin is still only a hole, not outfitted with a box and the proper pump yet, as we're waiting for a part (the box). In the mean time Thor set up the old pump to discharge water. At end of week it failed, though, and the side of the house was a moat; I'll post pictures eventually. Pete, the foreman, was meeting me yesterday to discuss further work; I showed him the problem and he came back in the afternoon to fix it (the temporary system failed because the pump power cable was frayed and shorted; it was, after all, a pump from the scrap heap in the yard).

There're now three French drain runs on the lot. The existing runs were removed, because they were improperly installed (no gravel and no drainage fabric). One run is just above the gutter line going from the garage side of the house to the basin. A second goes from near the back fence to the basin, and a third goes from the side garden in the front of the house to the basin. The run to the back is topped with gravel all the way to the surface of the yard and it's working well -- no water there. The one on the side yard, not so awesome. I'd like to dig it back up and lay gravel atop it to the surface of the lot; it's topped now by about 10" of dirt (and, the dirt on the lot is clay). I asked Thor for a change order bid; if it's not too much money I'll do it.

This upcoming week Thor will begin the interior work. They'll begin removing the wall between the dining and living rooms, up to the point that they need a permit to continue. We have a plan from the structural engineer for the beam needs. (Actually, on that note: the architect has hedged what he's written several times, saying he's interpolating the engineer's comments, and the drawings don't contain all the ground truth detail. I expect this is SOP for removing walls but I'm watching it each day just to be sure.) I'm meeting a lighting consultant Monday evening to get educating about lighting; we think we want more lighting in the new big room but we don't know much about how to design it.

This weekend I bought five paint samples and painted several square feet of the master bedroom. Coming back to it today we've chosen the color we'll use (Behr 660C-3 "Sweet Petal"). Doug's volunteered to help paint so our plan is to paint the room next weekend. I've never painted a room before so this'll be a fun experiment. I think I know how to do everything, at least, except for how to take down the ceiling fan to paint around it. I'm sure we'll figure that out.

Buying the house didn't seem like such a momentous occasion -- it's additive, really, because we're just buying something more than what we had before. Last night I sent e-mail to our landlords giving notice we're moving out (end of May). That felt much more significant -- it's leaving behind spaces we've lived in for three (SF) and nearly 10 years (MTV).

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