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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

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The drainage work at the house is entirely complete, as far as Build Big goes. The drains are in place, the pumps are plumbed in and powered, and they've been exercised a few times. Melinda and I plan to put in large creek pebbles along the side of the house to top off the ground, rather than leave it as a gravel strip + eventual mud, but that work is on my June list, after the move and the rest of the work is done.

Work inside is going again. It stalled for a few days as the contractor ran out of things to do before the architect + engineer had acquired the permit. Permit finally acquired, they got the footing form inspected last week, footing poured Monday and the beams went up yesterday. They're not much to look at -- they're engineered beams, which seems to mean they're made of wood chips, epoxy, and compression. I took several photos of the beams in place, with the hope that those'll help me find studs later if I need to. Today the contractor put in more drywall and wired in the switches for the lights. The room has plenty of lights now and there's a 6-gang panel next to the door. It's kind of extreme, I guess, but it seemed like the right place for most of those switches.

Tomorrow the rest of the drywall ought to go in place, I imagine the rest of the switches will be installed, and then it'll be waiting for the drywall finishing (taping and mudding). Painting is supposed to start Monday or Tuesday so we'll need to choose the room color by then. We're likely to go with what was in the living room before (a light steel grey).

This weekend the contents of Mouse House will be transported by magic elves (masquerading as Go Pro movers) to Quince. That magic is supposed to start at 9a but I need to arrive at least an hour earlier in order to label all the boxes and things.

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