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Corin Anderson's Journal
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Monday, June 18th, 2012

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Sunday in Stamford, CT
This week is Melinda's annual summer visit to Connecticut and I opted to go along with. I'll be working from the New York office Monday - Thursday so Melinda gets plenty of 1:1 time with her Mom and so I can make my annual summer visit, to New York.

Today was embarrassingly easy. We slept in until 11a, ate waffles (with blueberries!) for brunch, visited the Bruce Museum in the afternoon, napped, and dined at The Melting Pot in Darien. Melinda's mom reattached buttons to some of our shirts while Melinda and I watched; we watched some British TV in the evening, and it's now bed time. Tough life, this vacation.

The Bruce Museum is a tiny microcosm of museum. It has a few works pieces of fine art, it has a mineral exhibit and some earth history, it has an exhibit on the people of pre-European Connecticut, and this month it's featuring an exhibit on the history of the Olympics. It kind of has everything, all in a museum that's easy to appreciate fully in about three hours. I don't need to go back anytime soon but it's easily worth a half-days' visit for anyone in the area. Just don't expect to see wax figures of Bruce Willis, Bruce Campbell, or Bruce Wayne.

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