Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Tokyo, day 2

I couldn't remember exactly when I could arrive at the office in the morning (too early and no one would be there to let me in to the building) but I figured that we'd be like anywhere else in Tokyo: punctual. So I was up by 7:30 and to the office (next to the hotel) by 8:20. Turns out my guess of punctual == 8a was wrong. So I sat in the lobby reading e-mail by the faint glow of the office wifi for 35 minutes before I could call upstairs and be vended a building permit. Oh, and I also filled the time by trying a mango frappucino from the Starbucks in the lobby. It was okay, but not great.

The office is a very Google-y office: bright colors, some off-the-wall decorations, free food and drinks. One of the other TLMs from Mountain View was visiting the office and is a regular there so he showed me around. Greatest feature: the free drinks come from the same sort of vending machines you find on the streets. Also, the rice + salmon ball I had for breakfast. I'm seated in a visitor desk at the intersection of the site, engineer, and product management directors for the office, so I feel very well connected. I met up with everyone whom I wanted to see and have already synced up on a few important projects. Lunch was out at a burger place ("the best in Shibuya" according to the person who brought me there) and dinner was at a ramen house in the basement of some building ("the best in Shibuya" according to the person who brought me there). Both were, in fact, very tasty, but somewhat small portions for me. Random snack food from the microkitchen will make up for it.

After work I went out with Toshiaki and Totsumo to find Don Quixote and another eclectic department store. Don Quixote was fun -- a mix of costumes, gag gifts and toys, and everyday housewares all packed in to very narrow aisles that sort of close in over you. I think it was the everyday housewares that really made the experience weird -- very out of place between the French maid outfits and the aisle of giant pocky.

So, today was good: working, meeting people, and some getting out to see the nearby area. Tomorrow will be more work and also a nice dinner out, apparently. And for now, I'll force myself to stay awake for a bit longer then head to bed; I was feeling drowsy by late afternoon today.
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