Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Tokyo, day 5 (mostly)

I'm at Narita now, waiting for time to pass before I board JAL 2. Friday morning in the TOK office was pretty quiet so I ducked out mid-morning to walk to Yoyogi park in Shibuya. I could see it from my hotel room and had been wanting to visit this island of nature among the vast plains of metropolis since I had arrived. Party cloudy with some sun breaks I headed out without a coat. It was maybe 52F out, brisk, but at my walking pace perfectly fine for me. I realized later that I must have been the only person in Shibuya out on the street without a coat. Locals must have thought I was crazy or something.

The park was nice, and obviously has a different feel to it than does the bustle of the buildings and neon. Gangs of crows make their hang-out there and it was weird to see what looked like one crow attack another one, talons first. A few "caw"s later and a dozen or so other crows showed up, I couldn't tell whether to help the assailant or the victim, but the altercation was over about half a minute later (no birds seemingly harmed in the process). It's winter here in Tokyo, though, and the trees are barren and the grass dormant so the park isn't all that amazing to see. It was nice to have a brisk walk. I also did stop over to see Hachikō, surrounded, of course, by little kids and their parents. Cute. (Oh, also cute: I saw groups of kids on walking trips across the park. Seems that the adults make the kids wear all the same hat, so they are easy to spot and group together.)

Security at Narita was fine, and I almost forgot at some point that I'd gone through it. No wait, no fuss, no taking off shoes (it also helped that I'd checked a bag so I had only my backpack). Went through customs on egress, I guess Japan wants to be sure everyone who visits does leave, too. I visited several stores before heading to the gate, and did finally find a puzzle book: Sudoku, slitherlink, kakuro, and a few others. It should keep me busy. I expect it's the same book as any 5 year old on the flight will also have. Again, locals must think I'm crazy or something.

Aircraft for my flight just arrived, the gate attendants are in a receiving line waiting for it. ... Neat - they all bowed to the airplane / pilot just now. ... Hm, also just made an announcement that they'll have additional security screening here at the gate waiting area. Dunno what that'll, be, we'll see. I'll be unhappy if they take my brand new bottle of water away, though. 8)
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