Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Yesterday Melinda arranged for an all-bacon party for my birthday. I still have leftovers from many of the tasty dishes: bacon-wrapped dates, pancetta-wrapped prunes with blue cheese, a bacon "cake", bacon wontons, deep fried bacon and eggs, corn muffins with bacon, pasta alla carbonara, cabbage and bacon salad, bacon wrapped jalapeño chili peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and chips and guacamole. Surprisingly, I'm not sick of bacon, nor is my apartment still smelling of the tastiest animal in the world (although maybe I've just become used to it and no longer notice). Ian produced a 6-puzzle mini-hunt for the day, which of course was a huge hit; probably the highlight was his expansion to Dominion that includes new "Food" cards ("eat something containing bacon and get XYZ"). My parents even took part, albeit from Seattle, by sending down my birthday presents early: a new saute pan (used for the carbonara) and new kitchen implements. So it was a pretty great party and day.

Today, mostly been raining, but Melinda and I put in about 3 hours at Doug's Garage, making a few more pendants, a flower, some turtles, and a vase. Photos posted of those likely sometime this week.
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