Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

First run of 2010

It was a short one, but at least I got out and ran. In part because, while cleaning house the other weekend and taking clothes to Goodwill I discovered a spare set of running shoes, little worn, hidden under my bed. With running kit in SF and Mountain View it won't ever be in the wrong place.

20 minutes total, including about 4 minutes of cool-down and waiting for a traffic light. Route was about 1.75 miles, about what I expected even before I mapped it. That puts it at an 8 minute-per-mile pace which, for having not run for a while, seems okay. When I'm fit I'm usually running at around 7 minutes per mile.

Great weather for the run, too. This week and weekend was the first really nice weather of 2010, reaching into the mid 70s for highs. It was probably in the upper 60s when I headed out (yesterday late morning) with mostly clear skies (save for some high, thin haze).
Tags: running
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